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Your Future Village Co-Op

Your Future Village Co-Op

We hope you will join our efforts to bring a food co-op to the Village of Williamsville.


We are in the early stages of bringing a cooperative food market to the Village of Williamsville, New York.
Check this website frequently for updates, progress, news, and new information.


NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, October 3 @ 6:30 pm

Village Hall between Fire Hall and Library, 5565 Main Street, Williamsville (enter through back door)

What is a Food Co-op?

A food co-op is a collectively-owned grocery store. In order to become a member-owner, an individual pays a small amount to purchase a share. Anyone can shop in the store, but only member-owners receive discounted prices. A food co-op focuses on healthy food choices. Its common values are group management and decision making, social responsibility, and equality.

Our Mission

The Village Co-op Market of Williamsville is a member owned and operated food market that strives to promote healthy living. We provide quality products which are mostly sourced from local farmers and food producers. Educating ourselves and others on the benefits of health and nutrition, attentive customer service, and giving back through charitable efforts are values we respect deeply. Our goals include being thoughtful stewards of the environment, a socially responsible business, and a good neighbor. We believe in the principles of teamwork and a democratic process that inspires fairness, trust, and cooperation. We encourage customers to become members to help achieve our mission.

The Cooperative Principles

  • Voluntary and open membership—Everyone is welcome to become a member-owner.
  • Democratic member control—One member, one vote.
  • Member economic participation—Your shares are an investment in the co-op.
  • Autonomy and independence—We are owned by members and operate for member benefit.
  • Education, training, and information—Education opportunities for staff,  member-owners, and community.
  • Cooperation among cooperatives—Open communication with other co-ops.
  • Concern for the community—Our co-op will provide charitable donations and share information that will benefit the well-being of our community.

By Laws

Click the link below to view our by-laws.