A new food market option coming soon!

Buffalo News Article February 16th, 2018

Please check-out Stephen Watson’s article from The Buffalo News about the co-op’s having received funding from the Amherst Industrial Development Agency (AIDA).  We’d also like to comment on the IDA’s stated concern that the proposed co-op would mainly benefit only one area of town.  This is a legitimate AIDA concern and will be addressed in our marketing efforts.  As our founding group continues to discuss potential locations for our co-op in the village in our effort to promote a walkable community, we also are keenly aware that the co-op would not thrive and survive with only village residents as customers.  Therefore, our business model will also focus on establishing mutually beneficial relationships with a larger suburban region including communities like Clarence, Cheektowaga, Amherst, Snyder and Lancaster, to name a few. We welcome input from all new members.


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